About ARC

Graduate_Center,_June_2013The Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) extends the Graduate Center’s global reach and prominence as an international hub of advanced study. Specifically, ARC partners with the Graduate Center’s forty research centers, institutes, interdisciplinary committees, and other academic initiatives to promote interdisciplinary research. ARC also works closely with Graduate Center offices to promote public programming on critical issues of the day. Through its fellowships, which attract international researchers and scholars as well as doctoral students, participants are offered even more possibilities for collaboration. ARC supports several areas of study, with a focus on a small number of research themes each year

ARC embraces the vital work of the Graduate Center’s eminent scholars, doctoral students, and research centers, which is the backbone of the Graduate Center’s international reputation. Those efforts energize the following five areas of study. Click each research area to go to the corresponding web page.

INEQUALITY: Research on the structural foundations of increasing inequality across our society and ways to mobilize communities around various alternatives.

IMMIGRATION: Interdisciplinary research on the social, cultural, and political impacts of international migration, with special attention on the role of immigration in New York City and comparative studies on how immigration and ethnic diversity are experienced in different nations.

MULTILINGUALISM: Interdisciplinary research on complex social, cultural, and policy issues raised by multilingualism.

DIGITAL INITIATIVES: Research in a broad range of digital projects and digital resources, including data mining and the digital humanities.

URBAN STUDIES: Critical issues facing large cities around the world and the role played therein by public, nonprofit, and business organizations.

Please note that, in addition to ARC’s support of these research areas, essential work is under way in the Graduate Center’s interdisciplinary committees and initiatives.