ARC Research Praxis Awards

Program Description

The Advanced Research Collaborative of The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Research Praxis Awards

As part of its effort to encourage student research, the Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) offers a limited number of Research Praxis Awards to support students at the early stages of their doctoral scholarship (Level II). The Awards are valued at $4,000 each for one semester.

Applications from qualifying students in all fields are welcome, but since Distinguished Visiting Fellows will be working principally on the research themes listed below, students working in those areas may find the opportunity especially valuable. The ARC research themes include the following, with the 2013-14 focus indicated in bold and with an asterisk (*):

Social and Economic Inequality* Globalization
Immigration* Theoretical Sciences
Digital Humanities Religion*
Science Studies American Studies

Each student who receives an award is¬†matched with a Distinguished Faculty Fellow who will serve as a research praxis mentor for the duration of the award. These mentors are not meant to replace students’ existing dissertation advisors or committee members, but rather, to serve as additional liaisons to research praxis and the world of public scholarship.

Students who accept this award will meet with their Distinguished Faculty Mentors on a regular basis throughout the year. They will also be required to do the following:

  • Attend three (3) praxis seminars during the semester
  • Contribute three 400-word blog posts on this website detailing their research interests, activities, process, progress, or frustrations
  • Submit a formal research proposal to a grant agency requesting support for their research project

The goal is for students receiving an ARC fellowship to be supported both financially and intellectually, and for their intellectual journey to serve as a model for other students.

Information on nominating students for the Research Praxis Awards will be made available on this website in spring 2014.